My Payroll Master: The best ever HR software in Kochi


Create Your Company In My Payroll Master

Nov 30, 2021 MPM

Setting up a company profile in My Payroll Master HRMS software is quite easy. Follow the simple steps described in this tutorial to start using this unique payroll software. Experience easy employee management and payroll processing with My Payroll Master

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Leave Policies And Leave Settings

Dec 26, 2020 MPM

With My Payroll Master, setting up a leave policy for employees is too simple. Just follow the steps described in this tutorial and all you need is a few minutes to set the leave policy.

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Time, Attendance, Weekly Offs & Shift Rules

Jan 8, 2021 MPM

My Payroll Master HRM software comes with a number of convenient features and one among these is the one for setting shift timings and rules. This video explains how to set shift timings and rules with My Payroll Master.

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Salary Structure & Component Calculations

Jan 15, 2021 MPM

My Payroll Master HRM software makes setting up salary structure for each employee easier than ever. This video explains the simple, step-by-step process of setting up the salary structure. Watch on.

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