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My Payroll Master is a one-of-kind HRMS that makes possible full employee management with your fingertips. The comprehensive system comes with a number of innovative features that streamline the whole HR operations and make them easier and more accurate.

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High security

My Payroll Master HRM and Payroll Software secures the highly sensitive HR data most efficiently, safe from tampering, fraud.


My Payroll Master HRM software helps companies avoid human errors and guarantees highly accurate HR data that helps to take right business decisions.

Top Performance

The favourite HRM software of businesses in Kochi, My Payroll Master simplifies the HR processes and increases productivity


MPM software for HRM is highly customizable according to the unique needs of the businesses, providing the top automated HRM solutions.

Best Pricing

Employee Management System At Affordable Cost

MPM that makes possible full employee management with your tips has affordable pricing for any type of business. The pricing purely depends on your requirements and the number of employees. There are different packages, starting with basic payroll, to enhanced packages which will help you to set up a complete HR process in your organization.

Gear Up For Growth With The Best HRMS That Brings Full Employee Management To Your Fingertips.

Custom-made for convenience, the mobile app of My Payroll Master HRM software is something which your team mates will absolutely love. This one-of-a-kind Human Resource Management app facilitates employee tracking and leave management. Moreover, it allows your employees to:

Why Does Your Company Need The Best HRMS?

Enhanced technology for streamlining the HRM and payroll management operations of your company

Time & Attendance

MPM, the HRMS that brings full employee management to your fingertips, comes with a highly accurate and tamper-proof Time Attendance Web-based software. It has integrated biometric devices with multi-geographical support.

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Leave Management

MPM, which can be termed as the most efficient employee data management system, makes the leave management process flexible for the organization. With the system, you can create any number of leave policies and implement these category-wise for the employees.

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Payroll Processing

Payroll is an unavoidable function of any organization. It is essential and it requires high level of accuracy and timeliness in its delivery. The payroll processing becomes a value addition activity in the organisation when it is linked to attendance and leaves.

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Tax & Statutory Compliances

MPM, which makes employee data management easier, helps to ensure that all the statutory components and deductions are captured. It also helps the employer to arrive at the total cost to the company calculation for each employee.

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Employee Expense Tracking

Usually organizations reimburse the expenses incurred for employees such as local travel fare, accommodation expense, money spent on dining, customer visit expenses and parking expense towards business operations.

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Mobile Location

MPM HRMS comes with a feature that that allows for tracking the real time mobile location of employees when they are on duty. The employer can easily connect to the employee and assign work based on their accessibility from the nearest location.

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Asset Management

MPM comes with a not-so-common feature in an HRMS system, called asset management. It helps to record the details of assets allotted to each employee in a highly accurate manner. The most recent physical status of the asset can also be updated on the software. As a result, the employer can maintain the highly accurate data .

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Loans & Advances

It is very common these days that the organisation provide loans to employees for meeting their urgent fund needs. MPM, which makes possible full employee management with your fingertips, has a special feature to help the employer track all the loans and make sure that the recovery happens at regular intervals.

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Full & Final Settlement

MPM HRMS captures the entire process in the employee life cycle management, which makes it the perfect system for employee data management. It provides comprehensive employee separation process right from the submission of the resignation letter to the full & final pay-out generation.

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What our clients say

My Payroll Master is proud to be part of the success journeys of our clients and their good words are an inspiration for us to stay ahead, always!

MPM software is very user friendly and easy to handle. We are getting prompt response from your team on our queries. MPM has made payroll management a smoother and easier operations. The software promotes business growth in more than one way.


Excellent service from start to finish, we have been using My Payroll Master over the years and so impressed with them. The level of customer service is unsurpassed and as technology is ever improving.Thanks for the being one part of our company.

Shyam Babu

My Payroll Master helps to manage and organize employee data quite easily, which saves a lot of time and energy. Also helped us streamline the employee management operations in the most perfect manner like never before. I recommend My Payroll Master


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