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Set Up Leave Policy

With My Payroll Master, setting up a leave policy for employees is too simple. Just follow the steps described in this tutorial and all you need is a few minutes to set the leave policy.

How to Set Up Leave Policy In My Payroll Master

Leave policy helps you to define the number of leaves allocated to an employee, the types of leaves they are eligible for, and how to set up leave rules.My Payroll Master HRM system helps to automate the allocation of leave, setting up and implementing leave policy for different groups of employees. This video explains the easy steps involved in the setting up of leave policy using My Payroll Master.

Setting up a leave policy: Step-by-step process

Go to company set up -> Click on leave policy -> Separate leave policies can be created for different categories of employees such as managers, sales persons etc. -> Create a leave policy group. For this click 'New' button -> Give leave policy group a name -> Save


► Select the group name -> Go to Leave Policy's New button -> Select the leave type -> Select the leave duration(monthly/yearly)

If you choose yearly, the leave conditions you set up will work on yearly basis. Enter Year Limit.

For example, if you are having one leave per month, then yearly, 12 leaves will be there. That means, the Year Limit is 12.

► Next is Carry forward limit. Carry forward limit is optional. If your company is having carry forward limit, for this leave type, add here. You can add description also.

If you are choosing ‘Available duration’ as ‘Yearly’, you have three options.

1. Sandwich leave: If you are taking leave before and after your weekly off, the weekly off becomes loss of pay. If not loss of pay, we can apply for leave that day.

2. Allow Encashment: Allow encashment means the employee will receive the amount at the time of resignation or end of leave period. If you want to apply for allow encashment leave:

          ► Tick the respective column

          ► Add leave encashment limit.

          ► Select the Encashment components (For example, 'Bonus'.)

3. Allow negative balance: Allow negative balance means whatever leave balance you are having, you can take it at any time together or as you wish.

If your leave type is applicable for all three sections, you can select three together. Once you are done, click 'Save' button

Next is available duration 'Monthly'

► First select the Leave Type

Enter the monthly limit, either 1 or 2.If you select monthly limit as 2, Carry forward limit is 2. It means, if an employee does not take leave in January, his leave will be carried forward to February. So, the total leave for the employee in the month of February will be 4. But if he does not take leave in January and February, he will get the leave of only the previous month.

Here only the option of Sandwich leave is there. You can add your description here -> Like this you can apply to all other leave types -> Click on the save button -> Whenever needed you can choose Edit and Remove options -> You can also create multiple leave groups

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