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Employee Timesheet

In this video, we are discussing about Employee Timesheet. Timesheet is a tool to record the employee’s attendance on day-to-day basis.

How to Set Up Employee Timesheet In My Payroll Master

In this video, we are discussing about Employee Timesheet. Timesheet is a tool to record the employee’s attendance on day-to-day basis. Timesheet gives valuable source of information for monitoring absence, attendance and enforcing attendance policies. Attendance records are important for effective attendance management. Timesheet can be kept as evidence for employee's attendance.

Preparing and maintaining a timesheet can be done in a few simple steps with My Payroll Master. Here is how

►To view timesheet, go to Attendance, click on Timesheet

► In the Timesheet data, three filter options are there—Month, branch, employee

►At a time, only one branch can be viewed. If you want to watch all branch data month-wise, select branch all, or if you want to view a particular branch, select a branch and click on List Register.

►If you want to view all employees of one branch, select that branch and give Employees All or if you want to view a particular employee, click on that employee and click on List Register.

►Here include Resigned option is available. By clicking the checkbox, you can view details of resigned employees.

►If any resigned employees are there, you can view in this

In timesheet data, you can view employee name, attendance in, attendance out and duration. The total duration depends on whether the employee's shift policy is flexible or strict. If you want to see more employeesdata you can click to move to the next page. Here a search option is available. A view button is also available. When you click here and search, the same data will be showing. In out and total duration will not be shown here. If you want to view branch wise data, select a branch. If you want to select all, search a particular employee, Select from the Employee tab.

Now you can see only that employee's data.

►NA means Not Applicable. For example, data before the employee's joining date will be shown as NA. In case of resignation also, after the resignation date, it will be shown as not applicable.

►Next is WO. WO means Weekly Off.

►P/P means full day present. This means the employee covered the full-day minutes given in shift policy.

►Next is A/A which means full day absent. Reason for A/A is the employee checked in and forgot to check out. Next reason here is the employee has checked in and checked out. But he didn't cover his half-day minutes given in shift policy.So here it is showing as full-day absent. Again, he can check the next day attendance details.

►P/A means only half-day present. This employee didn't cover his full day minutes. He only covered the half-day minutes given in shift policy.

► A/SL means Sick Leave. Here, you can give whichever leave type you want. Company can provide loss of pay or present or half-day absent

► Next is CL/CL. This means full day casual leave approved.

► Next is LOP/LOP. This means full day loss of pay approved.

►Next is HO, which means holiday. If the column is blank, the employee was absent on the day. It will be filled only after giving some option.

These attendance details can be downloaded on dated frame in whole or branch-wise or employee wise. Like this, you can store and view month-wise attendance details.

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