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Set Up Company Profile

Setting up a company profile in My Payroll Master HRMS software is quite easy. Follow the simple steps described in this tutorial to start using this unique payroll software. Experience easy employee management and payroll processing with My Payroll Master

How to Set Up Company Profile In My Payroll Master

Setting up your company profile in My Payroll Master HRM system is the first step towards modernizing and streamlining the HR operations in your company. This video describes the various steps involved in the process:

To set up a My Payroll Master account for your company, you must first go to My Payroll Master log in page -> Once you give your ID and password, you can sign in to the dashboard -> To set up a Payroll Master for your company, first go to 'Company Set Up' -> click on 'Company Info'

Here you can see the 'Edit' button.You can add your company information such as company name, the type of business, nature of business, address, city, ZIP code etc. here.

► You can add your company logo here by browsing.Whatever company details and the logo added here, will come in your future reports like payroll, attendance etc.

► Once you are done with this, click 'Save' button.

Next is 'Branches' step

► Here you can see the 'New' button. You can fill your branch-wise details like branch name, address, state, city, PIN code here

► You can also add your latitude and longitude.By adding latitude and longitude, you can track your employee's location.

Next is Leave Year and Financial Year

'Leave Year' and 'Financial Year' are the next part. Whether a Leave Year is a calendar year or financial year depends on the company policy. The financial year is also decided by the company rule. Add these information accordingly. Once finished, click on the 'Save' button.

Next is 'Departments' tab

► Here, when you go to the 'New' button, you can add your Department Code and Department Name here -> Once you are done, click 'Save'

Same you can do in 'Designation' and 'Grade' tabs also.

Next tab is 'Notice Period'

Clicking on the 'New' button, here you can add the days and description of the notice period -> Once you are done, click 'Save'

You can add multiple branches, departments, designations, notice period and grade also. But it is mandatory that you add at least one branch, department, designation and notice period.

In the 'Financial Year' tab, you can see the 'Financial Year' details given in the 'Branches'. In the 'Banks' part, you can fill the Bank details of your company.

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